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Vajrayogini teaching at Ngor Monastery, December 2013

On the 10th of the 10th lunar month in the Tibetan calendar (12 December 2013 - Dakini Day), HE Luding Khenchen Rinpoche commenced the complete teaching of Vajrayogini at Ngor Monastery in Manduwalla, India. There were about 30 attendees receiving this precious teaching which comprised of students from Singapore, Malaysia and Australia as well as monks from Ngor Monastery and the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana. The teaching concluded on the 17th day of the lunar calendar (19th Dec 2013).


Rinpoche's retreat, November to December 2013

On Sunday 17 November 2013, the anniversary day when Buddha agreed to descent from heaven, HE Luding Khenpo Rinpoche entered into a month long retreat. Rinpoche concluded the retreat on 20 December 2013 and remains at Ngor Monastery, India.


Conclusion of the Vajrayogini Teaching, Singapore, September to October 2013

HE Luding Khen Rinpoche concluded the profound precious seven day Vajrayogini teaching and a three day retreat workshop teaching on 20 October 2013 at Sakya Tenphel Ling (STL) in Singapore with a fire puja. Rinpoche commenced the workshop by reciting the Sadhana together with all the students.

Earlier in the morning the sky was blue and sunny; however the weather developed into an electrical storm just as Rinpoche began the fire puja at 2:30pm.

The heavy rainfall continued throughout the puja session and all the students were concerned; however at the time of lighting the open fire oven the rain mellowed to a gentle sprinkle. All the wood was saturated but despite its wetness it ignited in an instant and the flames shot up vertically and looked glorious.

The offering substances into the open fire oven were generous and in abundance to dispel any obstacles for our Gurus, the precious Dharma and all practitioners. Dedications were made for the happiness of all mother sentient beings and happiness, peace and harmony around the world.

At the conclusion of the teaching the executive committee of STL made a Ten Soom Mandala offering to Rinpoche and President Dr Tai and STL thanked Rinpoche and requested for Rinpoche to return to give further guidance and teachings.

Rinpoche humbly accepted only if the students felt that the guidance is important and necessary, to which the students applauded.

Rinpoche expressed thanks to STL, its members and all the volunteers that had made the teaching tour so successful. Again students applauded loudly with agreement and everyone was very happy and satisfied with Rinpoche’s teachings.

Finally, Rinpoche gave some short, direct and meaningful advice on the way of progression on the spiritual path and all warmly embraced this precious advice. Thereafter a delicious vegetarian buffet feast was presented by STL.


HE Luding Khenpo, Singapore, September to October 2013

HE Luding Khen Rinpoche is currently bestowing the Vajrayogini Blessing and teaching at Sakya Tenphel Ling. On 26 September Rinpoche gave a short instructional teaching on Wang Chen (the Empowerment). Prior to the teaching, the executive committee members of the Centre made a mandala offering to Rinpoche.

On 27 September, HE Luding Khen Rinpoche gave the major empowerment of Chakrasamvara to the first group and on 29 September to the second group.

On 4 October, HE Luding Khen Rinpoche bestowed the Vajrayogini Chin Lab of the Naropa Tradition. Rinpoche is currently giving the supplementary Vajrayogini teaching at Sakya Temphel Ling.

Celebrating the birthday of His Holiness the Sakya Trizin, Singapore, October 2013

On 3 October Sakya Temphel Ling Sangha commenced a three-day long life puja for the birthday of His Holiness the Sakya Trizin. The puja was lead by the Centre’s Khenpo Dorje together with over 20 monks.

On the final day of the puja in the evening of 5 October, HE Luding Khenpo made a grand mandala offering to His Holiness. Following the puja, a vegetarian buffet dinner was served and everyone rejoiced in His Holiness’ birthday celebration. May we pray for the long life of His Holiness Sakya Trizin.

A large number of both local and foreign students have been attending Sakya Tenphel Ling to participate in either the teachings and empowerments bestowed by Rinpoche or the long life puja and celebration for His Holiness the Sakya Trizin.


HE Luding Khenpo's Germany teaching tour, August 2013

At the end of August 2013, HE Luding Khenpo gave a series of blessings, teachings and empowerments at Sakya Kalden Ling monastery, Germany. The monastery is located next to a local Catholic church and Rinpoche said that the surrounding area of the monastery and the church location was so peaceful, which may have resulted from the fact that all religions are a peaceful way of life for everyone.

Rinpoche gave the Vajrayogini blessing to all the participants followed by a fire puja, as well as a series of initiations of White Tara, the White Umbrella deity, White Mahakala and one Red Deity inclusive.

HE Luding Khenchen, HE Luding Khenpo and HE Luding Shabdrung in Sikkim, August 2013

On 30 July 2013 HE Luding Khenchen, HE Luding Khenpo and Luding Shabdrung, together with their entourage, Lama Sherab, Genla, Jamyamg Zangpo and Jamyang Dhakpa, will travel to Gangtok, Sikkim at the invitation of Sa Ngor Choetsok Monastery.

HE Luding Khenchen happily accepted their kind invitation and will be conducting an ordination ceremony for monks at the monastery as well as bestowing initiations. HE Luding Khenpo will have a short visit and stay (ten days only) so that Rinpoche can assist HE Luding Khenchen during the ordination ceremony for the monks at the monastery.

On 2 August 2013 HE Luding Khenchen, HE Luding Khenpo, Luding Shabdrung and entourage arrived at Sa Ngor Choestok Monastery. On 3 and 4 August HE Luding Khenchen conducted an ordination ceremony for both novice and fully ordained Monks, with HE Luding Khenpo assisting in the ordination procedure. The following day was a rest day.

On 6 and 7 August HE Luding Khenpo will be giving the Hevajra Path Initiation to two separate groups. Reportedly the weather is rainy with heavy clouds and fog. Currently all the Sa Ngor Choestok Monastery Monks are still on summer retreat.

HE Luding Khenpo in Dege, June 2013

HE Luding Khen Rinpoche with his attendant Lama Tenpa left Manduwalla and travelled from India, transit via Singapore to Dege, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, arriving on 20 June 2013. The head Khenpo of Gonchen Gonpa, Khenpo Kalden, Lama Shedrub and other Lamas very warmly welcomed Rinpoche upon his arrival. Rinpoche, together with the Lamas, stayed one night at the local hotel in Chengdu.

The following morning, Rinpoche and all the Lamas travelled a grueling 23-hour journey by road of over 1,200 kilometres. Thankfully the journey was free of obstacles and Rinpoche and his entourage arrived safely at Gonchen Gonpa. Rinpoche rested the next day.

The following day Rinpoche conducted a novice monk ordination ceremony. Rinpoche gave this ordination every day during his entire stay at Gonchen Gonpa from 22 June to 16 July. Over 1320 monks took novice monk vows with Rinpoche and an additional 40 monks took full Bikshu vows. Due to a shortage of time many monks were unable to obtain full Bikshu vows from Rinpoche.

After the conclusion of the final ordination ceremony Khenpo Kalden invited Rinpoche for a walk around the Gonpa site and a spontaneous picnic was arranged for Rinpoche to enjoy together with some Lamas.

The next day Rinpoche gave the Vairocana Empowerment to over 10,000 monks and lay Tibetan people at Gonchen Gonpa.

On the second last day at the Gonpa, Rinpoche visited Dzongsar Khenchen Pema Dhamchoe who is now 85 years of age. Rinpoche made offerings of body, speech and mind in the form of a Buddha statue, Dharma text and Stupa to Khenchen Pema Dhamchoe.

Rinpoche also visited the oldest printing library in Dege, which is a historical library built by King Tenpa Tsering, a Dharma king of Dege, approximately 300 years ago. The library has printed some of the texts of Kagyur and Tengyur, collections of texts of the five Founders of the Sakya Tradition, collections of the Vajradhara Ngorchen, collections of the Kunkyen Gorompa, collections of the Sakya Masters commentaries, as well as texts from other schools of Tibetan Buddhism; making this library the treasure of all Dharma books.

On the final day at the Gonpa, Rinpoche consecrated the Mahakala Room for Gonchen Gonpa according to the Hevajra Traditional Ritual.

During Rinpoche’s Dharma tour to Dege, Sichuan the province, district and all its officials were very supportive of Rinpoche’s visit. After an extended time away of over 19 years Rinpoche’s return marked a happy and grand occasion for everyone. Rinpoche was happy to see some old familiar friends and also made some very good new friends.

Despite a very busy and tight schedule Rinpoche made time and met with many Tulkus, Khenpos, Monks and many lay Tibetan people who had travelled from far away regions to meet and pay their respects to him. As such all their wishes were completely fulfilled upon meeting Rinpoche.

Rinpoche’s visit to Tibet was kept under very low profile with only one Lama in attendance travelling with him. Rinpoche generously distributed all the offerings made to him during his Dege tour to over 20 Sakya monasteries in the region that are in need of support.

Before Rinpoche’s departure from Gonchen Gonpa the people and the monasteries again heartedly requested for Rinpoche to return in the near future to fulfill their wishes.

On 16 July Rinpoche departed from Gonchen Gonpa and reached Yidlhung Lhagyal Gonpa where he gave the transmission and deities blessing to a public gathering of Tibetan people. Thereafter Rinpoche gave the Sakya Pandita combined with Manjushri Guru Yogas blessing to the monks at the main shrine hall at the Gonpa. On 17 July Rinpoche departed for India.

On 25 July, Rinpoche safely arrived back at Ngor Monastery, Manduwalla, India. The whole of Ngor Monastery and the Luding family were so happy to see Rinpoche home as they had been eagerly waiting to hear about all the news of his travels to Dege.

This was a most auspicious visit for Rinpoche.


During the month of Saga Dawa we are very happy to announce the completion of three volumes of the Collection and Commentary on Tantras (Gyud Shed Kun Tue), a total of 1,500 copies.

The first volume is called ‘Lama Nga Chupa’, which contains 50 verses of teachings on Guru Devotion and an explanation on the qualities of a Guru. This volume is the preliminary teaching on the collection and commentary on Tantras.

The second and third volumes are called Dom Sum, which is the elucidation of the three vows and their associated commentary by Sakya Pandita.

Each volume is 400 pages of a traditional Tibetan book (known as a ‘pecak’) and in English it is 800 pages. The Luding Foundation Publication Project Team in this auspicious month would like to thank and acknowledge all our sponsors for their contribution, making the three volumes of publication come to fruition. HE Luding Khen Rinpoche, the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana Khenpo Konchok and Khenpo Tsega, together with all the student monks would like to dedicate their prayers of thanks to every one of our sponsors.

For more information on our publication project, please click here.

Shravasti Pilgrimage 17 to 22 May 2013

On 17 May 2013, the birthday of the Tathagatagarba Buddha Shakyamuni, HE Luding Khen Rinpoche together with two attendants travelled from Manduwala to a sacred Buddhist holy site in Shravasti, India. This is the site where Buddha displayed miracles for 15 days to dispel maras. Additionally at this site, Buddha overpowered followers of the wrong view through the succession of debates.

The weather was very hot at 44 degree Celsius; however Rinpoche very much enjoyed the holy site, describing the remote village holy site as timeless as ancient with a feeling of peacefulness and blessed in the mind. During the six days stay at Shravasti, Rinpoche did 16 Arhat pujas and many prayers, made offerings to supplicate for the flourishing of the Buddhadharma.

On Rinpoche’s return to Manduwala, he was greeted with great news by our publication team leader Lama Kunga Rinchen of the completion of the three volumes of the collection and commentary on Tantras.

On 25th May Vesak Day

Monks from Ngor Monastery and the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana partook in the long elaborate 16 Arhat Puja commemorating Saga Dawa Duechen, Buddha entering the womb, Buddha attaining enlightenment and passing into nirvana.

SIV Monks visit the Ipoh Sakya Centre, May 2013

From 21 - 28 May 2013 a group of the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana (SIV) monks conducted several pujas at the Ipoh Sakya Centre in Ipoh, Malaysia. The pujas included:

  • Heart Sutra Obstacle Removal Puja;

  • Mahakala Puja;

  • Vesak Day Celebration & 16 Arahat Puja; and

  • Fire Puja.

  • South East Asia Tour - Latest Update, May 2013

    From 8 - 17 May 2013 a group of the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana (SIV) monks will conduct several pujas at the Butterworth Lay Buddhist Society in Butterworth, Malaysia, the Penang Dzongsar Centre in Penang, Malaysia as well as at Sungai Petani, Malaysia. The pujas will include:

  • Tara Puja,

  • Vajrapani Fire Puja,

  • Torma Gyatsa,

  • Kangso, and

  • Consecrating a Buddha statue.

  • The SIV Monks also consecrated a Buddhist Statue for the Penang Dzongsar Centre.

    South East Asia Tour, April 2013

    From 17 - 29 April 2013, a group of seven Monks from Sakya Institute of Vajrayana (SIV) visited Singapore to conduct various group pujas.

    On 29 April 2013, the monks then travelled to Malaysia to visit the Ipoh Sakya Kunga Delek Ling Centre, the Sungai Patani Centre and the Eastern Malaysia Buddhist Centre to conduct a variety of pujas.

    HE Luding Khen Rinpoche's visit to Nepal, March 2013

    HE Luding Khen Rinpoche went to the Nepal in March 2013 to consecrate the stupa dedicated to the Late Most Venerable Khen Chen Appey Rinpoche at the International Buddhist Academy (IBA).

    During his visit to Nepal, Rinpoche attended the completion of the 100,000,000 recitations of the Om Mani Padme Hung mantra, which took place at Sakya Tharig Gompa.

    On 23 March 2013, Rinpoche gave a long life initiation for the Sakya Tharig Gompa monks and lay people.

    On 22 March 2013, Rinpoche conducted the Vairocana ritual for the deceased, which was requested by the public.

    Hevajra Fire Puja at the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana, March 2013

    On 9 March 2013 a two day major Hevajra Fire Puja was lead by HE Luding Khenpo together with HE Khangsar Shabdrung, Khenpo Konchok, Khenpo Tsega and over 78 Student Monks at the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana. The first day of the puja was conducted for peacefulnes and increase of wealth, whereas the second day was conducted for wrathfulness and compassion.

    The Hevajra flame rose grandly and spaciously during the Puja. The puja was conducted to globally dispel obstacles, to balance the elements and to restore peace and harmony for all mother sentient beings.

    HE Luding Khen Chen's Three Deity Long Life Initiation, 2 March 2013

    On the 2nd of March 2013, at the request of the people of the Lindsang settlement, HE Luding Khen Chen bestowed the Three Deity Long Life Initiation of Amitayu, White Tara and Vijaya.

    The Intiation was attended by great numbers of monks from the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana and the Ngor E-wam Chodan Monastery, several nuns and a large number of lay Buddhists from Lindsang and abroad.

    It is a rare opportunity to attend an initiation given by HE Luding Khen Chen and all attendees were so grateful for the generosity of His Eminence.

    We pray for the health, long life and prosperity of all sentient beings.

    Bodhgaya, 6 - 21 February 2013 (1st lunar month of the Tibetan Water Snake Year, 2140)

    HE Luding Khenchen, HE Luding Khenpo and the Luding family were very warmly welcomed by Sangha on their arrival at Bodhgaya on the 6th of February 2013.

    HE Luding Khenchen , HE Luding Khenpo and Luding Shabdrung presented their offerings of fruits of five varieties ,mineral water and biscuits on the first morning to the Tataghata at the main Stupa at Bodhagaya on the 7th of February 2013.

    HE Luding Khenchen performed their own individual practices and collected Mandala offerings at Bodhgaya each morning. Some Sangha came and offered fruits, flowers and mineral bottle waters. A two tire cake was offered to HE Ludng Khenchen wishing His Eminence a Happy Chinese New Year at the Maha Bodhi Stupa on the 9th of February 2013.

    On the first day of the Tibetan Water Snake year, 2140, HE Luding Khenchen Rinpoche and His Eminence Luding Khenpo Rinpoche made a grand elaborate offering to Buddha Shakyamuni at the main Stupa at Bodhgaya. Following the offering, HE Luding Khenpo led the recitation of the 16 Arhat puja, together with over 60 Sakya monks. The 16 Arhat puja was conducted for the happiness of all sentient beings.

    After the puja, a grand vegetarian buffet lunch was sponsored by HE Luding Khen Chen and it was truly a rejoicing occasion.

    Annual Yamataka Puja, 3 - 9 February 2013

    At Ngor Pal E-Wam Choedan Monastery, Manduwalla India, all the monks conducted the annual seven-day Yamataka Puja. The Puja commenced on the 3rd of February and will finish on the 9th of February (in the Tibetan 12 month Lunar calendar, the Puja starts on the 3rd of February and finishes on the 29th of February). On the final day the Puja will conclude with the throwing of Tormas, which will mark the begining of Tibetan Losar . The Pujas are conducted to dispel any obstacles and to prevail peace and harmony throughout the world for all sentient beings.