HE Luding Khen Chen Rinpoche's 85th Birthday - October 2015
The most joyous and magnificent of occasions, the celebrating and praying for the long life of His Eminence Kyabje Dorje Chang Luding Khen Chen Jamyang Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche - the Supreme Vajradhara, 26 October 2015 Learn more!
Luding Khen Rinpoche visits the Great Sakya Pandita's Cremation Site - September 2015
HE Luding Khenpo paid an exceptionally special visit to the most holy historical site of importance for all Sakyapas, the Great Sakya Pandita Cremation Site, at Wuwei, Gansu province. Learn more!
Publication of sacred root texts
112 sacred root texts have now been full digitally transcribed by HE Luding Khen Rinpoche's publication team Learn more!

  Little Bodhi Seed

Singular online donation

Your singular donations make a difference to our Little Bodhi Seed Monks:
CAD$25 sponsors 1 monk for a month
CAD$150 sponsors 1 monk for half a year
CAD$300 sponsors 1 monk for 1 year
Please nominate your own amount to support the needs of our Little Bodhi
monks. Your singular donation will translate to:
    Basic food
    Education material (pens, pencils &
    text books)
    Robes for Little Bodhi Seed Monks
    Winter sweaters, shoes & socks
    Bed linen, mattresses & pillows
    Personal hygiene (toiletries)
Recurring online donation

Your regular donation contributions can be:
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Laughing little Buddhi Seeds!

Many under-privileged young children and orphans, as young as 5 years old, are given to Ngor Monastery each year out of severe family hardship from remote poverty-stricken Himalayan regions. At our Monastery these children are cared for through our Monastic system and are provided with food, shelter and education. Our group of children are kept safe and are prevented from being exploited through child labour and becoming homeless. With such an opportunity and amoungst such difficult conditions, our Little Bodhi Seed Monks will eventually become Buddhas. How amazing.

Ngor Monastery provides safe shelter, food, robes, hygiene, healthcare and education for our Little Bodhi Seed Monks. They need care and supervision from the Monastery's Ama La (carer) who teaches them personal hygiene and how to wash their robes. Our Little Bodhi Seed Monks are divided into groups and each group has a tutor. Each Little Bodhi Seed Monk is buddied up to an older Monk for support.

Their education starts with learning to read and write the Tibetan alphabet, arithmatic and languages such as English and Hindi to bring their education up to current standards. Our Little Bodhi Seed Monks require classrooms, pens, pencils and other writing materials for their studies.

Their Buddhadharma study includes ritual litergy and basic Dharma education at Ngor Monastery. After completing this our Monks (now between the ages of 25 to 30) go to the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana for higher Mahayana Buddhist education for 8 years. Having completing this they continue studying Vajrayana teachings for a further 3 years. On completion of their formal eduation, our Monks are given the choice to enter into long-term retreat at the Ngor Retreat Centre. Thereafter our Monks are qualified to become authentic Vajrayana teachers.

Our Little Bodhi Seed Monks are often sick with gastro, diarrhea or skin infections. In the winter months they are often sick with influenza. Due to limited facilities, our Little Bodhi Seed Monks do not have access to hot water and therefore bathe in cold water. They require a lot of winter care with medicine and warm winter clothing. They are often sick with childhood diseases due to not receiving health vaccinations during infancy in their villages. They require vitamins, medicine and food so they can be healthy and strong.

Your sponsorship to the Little Bodhi Seed Project is a very precious gift, bringing the best possibility for our Little Bodhi Seed Monks to become future Buddha's.

You and your friends and family can support the Little Bodhi Seed Project by adopting a Little Bodhi Seed at Ngor Monastery.

Please donate online or download a sponsorship form and send in your donation to support this precious project.