HE Luding Khen Chen Rinpoche's 85th Birthday - October 2015
The most joyous and magnificent of occasions, the celebrating and praying for the long life of His Eminence Kyabje Dorje Chang Luding Khen Chen Jamyang Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche - the Supreme Vajradhara, 26 October 2015 Learn more!
Luding Khen Rinpoche visits the Great Sakya Pandita's Cremation Site - September 2015
HE Luding Khenpo paid an exceptionally special visit to the most holy historical site of importance for all Sakyapas, the Great Sakya Pandita Cremation Site, at Wuwei, Gansu province. Learn more!
Publication of sacred root texts
112 sacred root texts have now been full digitally transcribed by HE Luding Khen Rinpoche's publication team Learn more!

 Ngor Monastery

Among the 350 monks currently enrolled at the Ngor Monastery and the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana in Manduwala, India, the most urgent immediate task is to provide for the 90 monastic scholars from the Institute and the 100 little monks under age 12 from the Ngor Monastery (see Little Bodhi Seed Project).

H.E Luding Khen Rinpoche's long term vision is to create an endowment fund of CAD$1.5 - 2 million, using the income generated from an annual expected return of 4-6% to support the Monastery's infrastructure, educational resources, ritual training and basic amenities such as food, robes and healthcare for the entire Monastic Community. The Ngor Monastery conducts advanced annual Vajrayana rituals and ceremonies, which attract monks and nuns from India, Nepal, Ladakh and other countries. A part of this Fund will be allocated to support these ceremonies as well as the Monastery's venerable visitors.

Apart from Manduwala Monastery, there are also numerous branches of Monasteries in India, Nepal and Tibet, which Rinpoche is traditionally responsible for and wishes to continue to support. Once the Luding Foundation's resources are in abundance, Rinpoche will be able to respond to their requests wholeheartedly.

Monks at Ngor Monastery Monks at Ngor Monastery Monks at Ngor Monastery